Standardized flour

Standardized flours – available upon customer's request

STANDARDIZED FLOURS from STOISŁAW - flours with an addition of a high-class enzymatic preparation, which is a ready-made mixture of natural, non-genetically modified components improving the baking properties of wheat flour. Using this solution in the milling industry guarantees obtaining very good results in baked and confectionery products.
As a result of our standardization we have created exquisite baking and confectionery flour which enables obtaining outstanding quality and volume results in terms of wheat and mixed-corn baked goods. This type of standardized flour excludes the need to add improvers, because the flour is enriched with a sufficient amount of natural enzymatic preparation replacing them.

Basic differences between plain and standardized flour:

Even baking properties of flour over time, higher stability of flour, which results in longer tolerance of cake processing time and higher endurance to shocks, the flour is more convenient in baking and confectionery manufacture, thanks to limiting or eliminating the use of improver, , increased water absorption of flour, better appearance of baked goods (nicely cracked and crispy crust), bigger volume of baked goods, even structure of crumb after baking, longer freshness of baked goods.